Carbon Mild Steel Sheet Information

Carbon steel is exclusive when it comes to characteristics which makes it a searched for-after material in various home or office construction projects. If carbon may be the primary alloying constituent, then it’s known as carbon steel. However, not every carbon steel products retain the equivalent carbon so there are various types in line with the product’s carbon content. They are listed below:

• Mild Steel – This carbon steel product, like mild steel sheet, contains about .16% to .29% carbon. Mild steel is comparatively cheap when compared with other steel variants and can be used as a variety of applications. These components is generally employed for construction purposes which require considerable amounts of steel.

• Medium Steel – The product is powerful and it has good potential to deal with deterioration. Medium steel is generally employed for large metal structures in addition to automotive components.

• High Steel – As it would seem, this kind has high carbon content and it is mainly employed for the output of high-strength springs, wires, yet others.

• Ultra-high Steel – This kind can be used for manufacturing hard items like masonry materials and cutting tools (i.e. knives, axles) as well as for non-industrial purposes due to its high-degree of hardness and strength.

Mild Steel Sheets for Welding

As pointed out earlier, a gentle steel sheet is a which has a low content of carbon inside it which type is really a favourite in construction and in industrial and commercial fabrication. It’s utilized in about 85% of welding. Besides the sheets, wire and mild steel pipes will also be employed for welding. This kind of steel is welded by utilizing resistance welding or by utilizing gas. The truly amazing factor relating to this material is it could be bent, moved, twisted or labored into different shapes because it is welded.

It’s utilized in various welding for example:

• Flux-covered arc welding – This kind of welding is liked by many with regards to welding completed in outside atmosphere and utilizes a flux-covered wire.

• Gas-metal arc welding – This kind of welding utilizes solid electrode wire that consists of mild steel that’s in copper colour for rust prevention.

• MIG welding – This kind of welding is among the easiest and is fantastic for welding within an indoor atmosphere.


If you are looking at being familiar with the various carbon steel items like mild steel sheet, there are lots of suppliers online that can present you with more details especially if you wish to purchase the products. As these sheets are extremely functional, they are utilized for all of your construction and manufacturing projects that will help you achieve optimal results at prices which are still affordable.

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