Hire Medical Personnel to Cover a Sporting Event

Many people love to challenge themselves by participating in sporting events like triathlons, marathons, and obstacle courses. However, these events can lead to injuries like blisters on the feet, dehydration, and more serious injuries like broken bones. If your organisation wants to sponsor a sporting event to raise money or for promotional purposes, then you need to make sure you are fully prepared for it.

Organising Events

When you organise a sporting event, especially one for sports like obstacle course racing or boxing or one that is held outside, then you need to have the event covered by liability insurance. The insurance will help cover the expenses associated with claims against your organisation if someone is hurt or if the venue makes a claim for damages. However, to reduce the likelihood that claims are made against your organisation for medical expenses, you should hire a company to provide event medical cover.

Providing Onsite Care

If a participant or spectator at your event is injured or becomes ill, having medical personnel on site can ensure the person is treated immediately for their medical issue. The medical team can triage the injury and treat it on site or, if warranted, they can transport the patient to a nearby hospital. Getting immediate help can save the patient’s life if he or she suffered a heart attack or was severely injured at the event.

Hire Medical Personnel

Professional Medical Personnel

The medical personnel who are employed for sporting events are professionals in their fields. Whether they are EMTs, nurses, or doctors, they are qualified and trained to handle any type of medical emergency that occurs during your event. For some events, like marathons or triathlons, a field hospital can be set up to treat athletes for everything from sun sickness to blisters on their feet to more serious problems like dehydration.

The on-site medical team can also treat bystanders who may fall ill or need treatment for sunburns or allergic reactions to foods they may have purchased at the event. The paramedics or nurses attending to them can quickly assess the seriousness of their illness and treat them on site. If further treatment is needed, the patient can be taken to a nearby hospital.

Emergency Vehicles Available

Along with trained medical personnel, most medical event companies also provide emergency vehicles to transport patients to the hospital or to get to an injured participant. For cycling events, marathons, or any other type of long-distance sport, EMTs or paramedics may need to cross rough terrain to reach an injured athlete. When planning for such events, you can request quad bikes, four-wheel drive ambulances, or cycle response teams to help get to participants.

In order to get the liability insurance policy that you need to hold your event, you need to have medical personnel on site to provide athletes and spectators with emergency medical treatment as needed. Quickly responding to injuries or illnesses can help the patient make a full recovery even if his or her problem is serious. Receiving treatment on site could save lives and reduce claims against your organisation.

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