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Have you ever wondered how much time your business has spent on little unproductive tasks? Stop thinking about it now, because it’s a painful thought. Un-productive tasks are the worst enemy of a growing company. One of these tasks is deleting spam. The task in itself doesn’t take a very long time, but then you add up all the time you spend doing over the course of a year. You realise that it actually takes up much more time than you want it to.

Email services usually offer a spam folder where they try to filter out all the spam that you receive. However, these services rarely get all the emails that you consider spam. In fact, sometimes they let viruses slip through, and they can destroy productivity for much longer than just taking a minute to delete spam.

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Email Viruses

Anyone who has been in cyber security knows that email viruses are some of the worst that a business can receive. In fact, businesses are a target of these hackers who want to send their viruses.

For an individual email account, it is easy to filter out the emails that look dangerous. However, those sent to a business address are disguised much more craftily. The personal email viruses are mostly for the elderly or those who don’t know how to use the internet, work a computer, or know what Google is. Business emails are going after bigger money and, therefore, are created with more creativity and care.

For example, around the holidays, a big company is always hacked. This could be for a number of reasons, but an email into their system could easily spark such a thing. They get into the system from an ignorant employee, and they can get very far from there.

Email Viruses

As a business owner, you may be concerned by this point in the article, and that is what you should be. Having a generic email account leaves you completely susceptible to an email virus, which could rob you of your hard earned work. This would be similar to the United States keeping airport security the same after 9/11. Now that you know you are in danger you need to find a solution.

The solution that can not only keep your system safe from hacking but also cut down on that useless time spent on deleting spam.


Surprisingly, not many people know about anti-spam software. This software will save you from future worries that you may have about unproductivity and cyber security. The software is inexpensive, it’s easily installed, and requires almost no upkeep.

Email Viruses Solution

This is an extremely proactive decision made by you, the business owner. You may be thinking that this is an expense that isn’t needed. However, you need this as much as you need locks on your door.

The future is leaning toward almost everything being online. In fact, malls, stores, and even traditional sports are being left for their online counterparts. Every day hackers get smarter and create new viruses to tamper with your life and business. The only way to stop this is to stay on top of it. You can’t fall behind on the times because you will be that next headline about losing all your profits in a hack.

Who Should Get This Software

I know this may still not convince some people, so let’s go over who needs to get the software and why.

Email Viruses Solution Software

First, a consumer needs to purchase software that eliminates email spam efficiently. Earlier it was stated that the hackers mostly go after the elderly. However, it was also stated that they are evolving every day. Don’t underestimate the hackers who can use fake emails to infiltrate your system. This will be the worst decision you have ever made. These people know more about computers than you will know in your entire lifetime.

The purchase is similar to purchasing a new lock on your door every month. If you don’t buy the lock, then there is no protection. Social security, bank accounts, and other important information are constantly flowing through your mailbox, so get it protected.

Second, a small business should get this software. There is a package for small businesses, and it may be the most important for this kind of organisation. As a small business, there are plenty of ups and downs. Maybe you are a start-up that is cash strapped or a hairdresser that doesn’t have the potential to bring in massive amounts of revenue. Now imagine if that small revenue disappeared just when you needed it. You would not be very happy about your situation as a small business owner. This software is worth the purchase and, keep in mind, that it is a tax write off.

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Third, enterprise businesses should be the ones who already have this software. You have thousands of employees who check thousands of emails a day. That fact alone should scare you senseless. Any of those employees could open a virus that could run rampant through your systems.

Also, as a big business you will be more often targeted. Hackers are constantly in competition with each other. They want to build the next spam virus that could collapse an entire system just by opening it. They get pleasure in inflicting the most amount of pain and then dare their colleagues to do better. You should treat this as war.

Basically, everyone in the world should invest in this software. The benefits are too good to pass up. Identity theft, hacker groups, and other forms of cyber security breaches are becoming more common in the world today. They are the bank heist and the home invasions of the 21st century. Please make an effort to protect yourself and tell your friends, family, and co-workers. The word needs to be spread that we can stop spam, viruses, and make email a very safe form of communication.

Hackers constantly competition

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