South Sea Pearls: A True Treasure for Sellers and Buyers

Humans love pearls. If you are going to compare pearls from other gemstones, you will notice that it is the only one formed from a living host. There are various types of pearls. South sea pearls in particular are highly preferred by many people because of its size and beauty. It is a true gem and treasure not only for buyers but for pearl sellers too. No wonder why a lot of pearl sellers make sure that they carry a huge array of pearl jewelry including the South Sea pearl type.

The distinct size

If there one unique characteristic of south sea pearl, it will be its distinct size. Try to compare various types of pearls; you will notice that the south sea pearl variety is the biggest. Its average size is the biggest to other pearls. If your buyers want big and chunky pearls, then you already know what to give them. You can never go wrong with the south sea pearl. If you are a pearl seller, you need to carry a huge array of south sea pearls because a lot of buyers are looking for them.

The color and undertone

What sets a particular pearl apart from the rest is the color and undertone. South Sea Pearls are unique in the sense that its color and undertone are one of a kind. It has a thick surface and a big nacre but its color is the purest form. Its luster is not as brilliant as the other pearls because of its thick surface but it truly is one of a kind when it comes to color and undertone. The common colors are white, silver, and gold. You can also find a combination of white and pink but is very rare.

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